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Forum direction... help?

Okay, so I've had my forum going for a while now, just over a year.... And I've kept it as a fairly general chat forum, and I know that's a hard type of forum to get going.  But in the time it's been up there are over 11k posts and 1.2k topics, which really is pretty good, though it could be better.

The biggest problem I've run into is the lack of interest.  Even the loyal members aren't posting a lot, as it is more of a stop-and-go for them; a quick browse over new posts, a couple replies, then head out.

I've been writing a book as of late, and I know that there are other members that are writers, or artists of one form or another.  I wanted a little input about it, and if anybody would be interested in that.

I changed the guest permissions to be able to read most of the forum if you are interested in any input.  I would really love some feedback here, and thanks in advance!

Oh, and if I do change the direction of the forum I would change up some of the forum locations, maybe consolidate some of them and add in relevant ones to art and writing.

The forum is Http:// (or ). Forum Index -> Running your community
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