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Forum Descriptions No Longer Showing


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We have pretty full descriptions for some of our forum and in phpbb2 when you rolled the mouse over the forum name on the Home Page, the forum description would appear. This was very useful especially when looking at sub-forum titles (we have hundreds) but since transferring to phpbb3 all we now get is either "No unread posts" or "Unread posts", which is not particularly useful for our needs. In fact it is as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Is there anyway I can change this behaviour via a template edit?



yes there is, in forumlist_body.html you should find a line similar to this

<a href="{forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}" class="forumtitle">{forumrow.FORUM_NAME}</a><br />

you need to add a small bit in there for it to show the description as a tooltip, you need to add this bit  title="{forumrow.FORUM_DESC}" see below.....
<a href="{forumrow.U_VIEWFORUM}" class="forumtitle" title="{forumrow.FORUM_DESC}">{forumrow.FORUM_NAME}</a><br />

Hi Nick,

Thanks. It worked perfectly for the stand-alone or parent forum but not for sub-forum. Can you provide another tweak?



With phpbb3's subforums that becomes a little more fiddly and are in the files you wont have access, to so admin would need to find where this macro is defined and add in the relevant bit.

<!-- IF forumrow.SUBFORUMS and forumrow.S_LIST_SUBFORUMS --><br /><strong>{forumrow.L_SUBFORUM_STR}</strong> {forumrow.SUBFORUMS}<!-- ENDIF -->

this macro should define the <a href part where title="{forumrow.FORUM_DESC}" needs to be added

Thanks, Nick. I can but wait.

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