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Forum Critiques

I think there should be a sub forum specifically for critiques.

Further, I think anyone asking for a critique should have a minimum of say 100 posts, as 'posts' is always going to be the answer until then.

Am I right? Wrong?  


O_o You didn't give us the link to critique!  

But a forum for it could be useful, and people with under 100 posts should definitely get some members and postings before they ask for a review.  On the other hand some people might be holding back on a forum launch until it looks and feels how they want, if they already have a userbase waiting to use it.

True, though it is argued quite often that a forum should not be even launched before there is at least 50 posts in there.

I guess folk would want a critique before they let others know about it, so maybe a 50 post minimum then?
myff admin

Could we not simply rename the "Post your forum" forum which really should be more about critique and impose a rule about 50 posts.

We could make the rule come up in "Posting Check list" style for people to ignore  Wink

One of the reasons it occurred to me to have it as a sub forum is that this forum generally has an example of quite a lot of features on MFF but the sub forum feature is missing.  I'd just be interested in peoples opinions is all.  A lot of folk want critiques, and quite a few folk are willing to offer advice and help, but it does tend to 'take over' the running your community section.

The post your forum bit is the public face of the forum, with the nuts and bolts being done behind closed doors.  That's the way I see it anyway

Well, I can understand the minimum, but my comment was for like the forum I'm setting up.  (not on MYFF now, but was going to)

It's a clan forum, the old one had the domain bought out by the company that runs the game and the old server admin had never gotten a new domain for it, so the forums disappeared.  Because of that I was making a new forum for the old members to go back to, and as such I wanted it fully prepped before they came to it.

There are times that having the forum fully designed before the launch makes sense, but for a brand new forum you need to focus on content.

I suppose doing a forum critique section would be good with some rules.  Such as those that simply want a forum design critique, nothing to do with content just categories/colors/graphics/etc, and then a full forum critique with a minimum of 100 posts on it.  Then that leaves it open for both sides.

Oh, and perhaps have a message to take all critiques with a grain of salt... it's only one person's opinion. Forum Index -> Running your community
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