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Forum Banner (Very Simple To Do I Think)

Just a simple banner for my forum... I've got everything ready for you, I just need someone with photoshop to do the effects.  Hopefully this image explains everything:

other notes: I don't really want any border space between the text and the top of the image, shave it as close as you can without losing any glow off the edge.  Also symmetry is nice, please position the text in the middle of the image.

Bonus points for anyone who can discreetly remove the small swastika in the middle of the background image... i don't really want that there lol.

Ok... thanks =)

EDIT: Also making it in .jpg format would be nice.

Blank image with swastika removed:

And with the requested changes:


Nice job, Bravo!


Thanks Bravo, you're the man =). Just what I needed, thanks for the great work =)

Actually one more thing, is it possible to smooth out the text and logo a little bit?

Glenwing wrote:
Actually one more thing, is it possible to smooth out the text and logo a little bit?

put a png of it up with a transparent background and in white, it's incredibly difficult to get a clear render of semi transparent images then change them to another colour and then keep the semi transparencies.

Ok, I'll get that to you tomorrow =)  Sleep time now... =D

Hehe, hey there....

I know I just kinda left you hanging there, I'm very sorry and I hope you're still willing to do this for me, even though I'm slow lol

I finally managed to get the hang of GIMP enough to get what you requested.  So here you are, white text on transparent background.

Thank you Bravo, you're da man, as always Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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