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Forum "battle": the forumini Vs gleemax

Hi, two weeks ago the loyal community of Avalon Hill regarding the miniature game "Axis and Allies miniatures" was announced to be moved to a new place, the Avalon Hill section of the so-called "gleemax", run by Wizards of the Coast. For several reasons, this move was not popular in the community. As a result, I decided to start a new one, to be run by the fans of the game, the "forumini". In our first two weeks we are doing very well: over 100 members and over 1000 posts already.

Until now, the method of "recruiting" was by advertising our forum in the old forums of the game, and offering great free services to our registered members to convince them register. Although not the official forum and with 0 google visibility, we have more people and posts than gleemax, plus better content. BUT this can't continue for ever. Being hosted in a famous website, the official gleemax forum will soon start receiving all the new gamers, simply by being visible in google, while we will be stuck to "word of mouth" and soon be dethroned. I searched quite a bit in the support forums to see how to deal with this issue and increase our visibility, but all I found was what NOT to do. E.g. I was thinking of buying a domain name, but I see now that this is not necessarily a good move.

It's a battle between a myfastforum and a corporate one, with google visibility being the only big weapon we're lacking.

So, I need your input .

Btw, the forum is:

a good looking and active forum on 'myfastforum' is the best weapon you could have.

with that said and the advice/help you will recieve here, then i would put my money on you're forum 'beating' the corperate one.

don't forget, sometimes word of mouth is better than being high on a google search.

my advice for now is to look for sites with potential recruits and advertise/link with them

Things aren't that simple when your competitor is a corporate giant .  Then, Google may be your only serious ally. Forum Index -> Running your community
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