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Football (soccer)

I have completed my football forum!

You want to talk about football? Do it at my forum,!

Talk about
World Cup,
European competition,
soccer from the Americas,
football from europe,
buy items in the virtual shop,
suggest anything in the suggestion forum,
chat in the off-topic forum,
and more!

With a new template i have installed, you can see:

posters with the most posts
topics with the most posts
sticky articles
articles that are announcements
who was online recenlty and when they were (for who is online now, look at the bottom)
and recent posts

These forums can help you become more knowledgable about football whether you are new to it or not, you can learn a lot! Learn about what people think about your team, certain players, leagues and more! Are you striving to become a pro? Get advice here!

Or do you just want to chat about anything, check out the off topic!

Thanks a lot, hope you join, and maybe post a little.

do you guys like the way the forum looks, or does it look crappy?

The template looks a bit crappy. Change to a more football related one, and get a decent banner made. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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