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Font Color drop-down on the MyFF support forum

I wasn't sure which category/forum to submit this request, so apologies in advance.

This isn't a big deal, certainly not a priority, but i thought i'd ask anyway.

I would like to submit the following change to be made to this support forum for consideration;

When i choose a font colour from the drop-down menu in the posting.php page, can it be made that the drop-down menu defaults back to Font Color instead of staying on the last font color that i chose?

Reason: When i highlight text and surround it with the font colour (ie. blue), then highlight more text i cannot pick the same colour again, instead i have to pick default or another colour instead and then change the code from #444444 to blue

Pernickety or what! but there you go!
myff admin

Are you talking about the standard posting dialog or the advanced one you see on the support forum?

For the standard one, it would involve editing the javascript in your own copy of posting_body.tpl.

I mean the advanced version on this support forum.

It's not an issue with the standard version supplied to my forum, at least not with the justFooty posting_body.tpl that i use.

myff admin

I will try and find time to look a the javascript. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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