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Flood Ban

Been trying to post on my forum today and sign up a few mod accounts for people and I keep getting a message saying flood ban.

This has been going on since 10am this morning.

Any idea what is going on?

myff admin

The system has probably decided you are spamming, signing up accounts for people does look like that.
I suggest you give it a break, or get people to sign up themselves.

I am even unable to post on there at the moment and have queries to answer.

Its been like this for over 8 hours, so anything I can do?

myff admin

Well the more you try the more it probably decides you are spamming.
I have tried sending a clearing instruction, but not trying for a clear hour would be advisable.
I am looking into the flood rules as they are not meant to catch legitimate actions. But spamming is an menace and so we do need such systems.

Hi, One of my users has been given a Flood Ban while trying to sign up with a new username. Now she can't even access the forum and has waited 2 days, but still can't get in.

I have requested her IP if that's what's needed
myff admin

In a word yes.

Thanks, PM sent
myff admin


Thank-you but there seems to still be a problem. This is the email I just got from member:

" It still won't open. I tried it from Google, and the notice displayed says "This page cannot be displayed" I tried the Detect problems box and a notice appeared saying The configuration appears to be all right, but the site is not responding."

Could it be a conflict with her previous username with same email address?
myff admin


All working this morning

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