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Brother J

FEAR Portal question

My friends and I are using this nice site to move our FEAR Clan over from a not so good site. I noticed when setting it up that you have that portal for "NeverWinterNights2". We've seen other clans that have their server info displayed on the page, like Player Rankings and if anyones in the server, etc... and I assume that portal does that for NWN. Wondering if there's a way to get one for the F.E.A.R. game working, if anyone would be able to help us out. Our site is . I have some basic HTML experience, but it doesn't seem to be working on this forum, the codes I am used to entering aren't working in the Posts for some reason, I can only get the "img" codes working using [img] which is how our other forum worked, though I know that's off topic. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give us!

Link to an example? Or something like my sig?
myff admin

The Neverwintersnight portal relies on a little php code to scan a server, if people can post the php code to scan other servers then other portals can be done.
Brother J

Thanks guys, we went ahead and purchased an account with and it allowed us to get the info displayed that I was looking for. If you want to see what I meant just look at our forum, and you will see the Server Info at the bottom of each page. Nice company, they have almost every online game in there, and it's not very expensive, like $6 a month or something. They actually rank all servers, when we stumbled upon the site our server was already in there and all of the players were ranked, both in the our server and overall! Thanks for the help though!

Admin, I've stumbled on a joomla based php module to show game monitor info of a chosen server.

module in action(top right under search):

Current game compatibility is: Battlefield Vietnam : BattleField 2 : BattleField 2142 : BattleField 2 : Call Of Duty - United Offensive : Call Of Duty 2 : Counter-Strike : Counter-Strike Source : Day Of Defeat : Half-Life 2 : Multi Theft Auto : Quake 4 : Unreal Tournament 2004.

and teh module:
Click to download file

I'm sure with a little tweaking choosing a server can be done by portal options. Forum Index -> Portal components
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