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myff admin

faster forums part six (forum errors)

Each time a forum has an error in it, perhaps in a template or perhaps some code that does not anticipate that it may legitimately get an error response and try and deal with it, we get log entries generated It's hardly a big server hit but it can mount up.
So I have been spending time tweaking peoples templates where I see errors in the logs. This is making the logs a lot smaller, some templates have been generating 3 log entries each time someone views any page on a forum
myff admin

Another side to this which will also help with people who have upgraded to phpbb3 is that I am now redirecting a lot of phpbb2 links that don't exist in phpbb3 to valid phpbb3 links.

This will help with the SEO side of things if you have got old links out on the net. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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