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myff admin

Faster forums part four

The next move on phpbb2 forums is to implement forum search using mysql full text search. This would replace the native phpbb2 search system with the one now available in the database system.

This has the benefit of being far far faster both when searching and when a post is posted/edited. When a post is entered to the database every word has to be laboriously processed into an index system, on large forums that process is bound to be slow.

There are downsides to this, namely you will get a slightly different set of search results when searching a forum. Basically all searches on text are subject to somewhat arcane decisions made by the search designers, rules that are needed both for speed and for keeping database sizes to a sane level. phpbb2 has its own ideas on this, mysql has another set of ideas.
myff admin

I was sort of thinking this would be a big chunk of work, but it is written and basically working. Though the code to actually change forums over needs to be done.
myff admin

Code that is virtually identical to what we will use here is now running on the downsizer forums.

If there are no issues I may kick this off tomorrow night. It will randomly gradually convert larger forums. I will make the limit such that this forum is effected so we can see more first hand how well it works.
myff admin

Posting is unquestionably miles faster
myff admin

The upgrade is pretty much ready to go, and probably does not conflict with the new Wiki code.

So I may well install tomorrow and see what happens Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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