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Facebook "Like" button - any topic read section, such as

If you are asking a template related question, what is the name of the template: myff-1

facebook like was searched

I successfully got the FB Like button to work on my main style - myff-1, but it only works on this one style.

Is there any way to get the button to auto work with every style available, besides reworking all style or demanding users use only the myff-1 style?

myff admin

Sorry it would have to be done to each style.

Same, in different area of topic

Understood, and many thanks...question:

If there are only 4 available myff templates that can be used, am I limited to only 4 usable styles to the users which can have FB Like button?
myff admin



All answered...thanks Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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