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Errors viewing support forums (is it Firefox?)

This is about an error I keep getting over and over on THIS support forums (not my forums on your host).

I searched and found nothing and I looked at all the sections and could not see anywhere to post errors found on this forum and I don't have enough posts to be allowed to PM the admin (was trying to reply to the welcome PM as an alternative to posting).

So please forgive me for choosing this place to post this and please move it to the best spot as seen fit.

Now with the preliminaries out of the way .. this is the error I am getting on every few pages and I wondered if it is just me, my browser, or what?  I use Firefox version 3.6.13  I have this support site marked as allowed in NoScript..

Unable to display page

Sorry but we could not display this forum page on this occasion.

Please ensure that your browser supports javascript and is not running anything that will interfere with the intended display of the page, such as advert blocking software.

This service relies on using advertising to keep it running.
myff admin

This can only happen if  what the error message says is correct. Are you running for example ad blocking software? Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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