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Error message when posting on the forum


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I have a member that is receiving this error message when she tries to post a reply more than one time in a row. "You cannot make another post so soon after your last; please try again in a short while." Still pops up no matter how long she waits. She has to log out and back in before she can post again.

I have lowered the Flood Interval to 5 seconds, with no change. I also had her clear cookies and history of her browser. She uses IE. No change. Any thoughts?

myff admin

How many posts has she made? some restrictions apply to new posters no matter what the admin settings are.

She has only made 7. I hadn't thought of that. Where would I find those settings?

myff admin

I think this cuts out at 10 posts, it is not changeable,  it is designed and for that matter does not your forum getting blasted by tonnes of spam if a spambot gets through other defenses.

Unfortunately any and all anti-spam measures result in some degree of hassle for real users. In this case I am sure we have the balance right, As end user you only get to be annoyed by the downside as you can't see and appreciate what it blocks.

Okay, I will let her know. We are not complaining, we would rather have something in place to deter spambots. Thanks for your help.

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