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Entire forum - Gone

In 2005 I created a tennis forum with the web address  It was one of the leading tennis discussion forums on the web for a couple years, until I got too busy with school and was unable to maintain it.  It still existed, and from time to time people would post, but it wasn't very active.  Nevertheless, I spent hours, days, weeks, months working on that forum...and there was years of data from an extremely intricate fantasy tennis league that I worked painstakingly on.  Now the webiste is suddnely gone.  Why is this?

I know it wasn't active, but the amount of work I put into that site is undeniably astounding.  Please, please let me know why it has been deleted.  Thank you.

myff admin

It was and still is suspended, this happened very many months ago and probably it was because it was being spammed and no one was maintaining it.

We can unsuspend, but we do require that forums are not left open to spammers. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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