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Emailed MFF hyperlinks dead in pop3 Android 4.4 email inbox

I hope I am reporting this so you understand it. If you haven't heard of this issue before, I am sure you will as android kit kat is fairly new.
3 weeks ago my Nexus 7 tablet installed the automatic upgrade to Android 4.4.2 kit kat.
That is when all hyperlinks in all new e-mails and all older emails in my inbox went dead and have remained dead ever since. This is very odd and very annoying.
I have spent lots of time with tech support from Asus, Motorola, and Google. No one has been able to help. Resets don't work. Deleting and re-entering email accounts does not work.
I have a G-mail account only for the purpose of having use of android devices but I don't use it for my normal email and don't intend to.  An interesting thing I discovered is that if I forward a dead link forum email to my Gmail account, it will work. The hyperlinks go live in Gmail. Then if I forward it back or reply back to my email the links go live in the in box when resent from Gmail but all those coming direct from myfreeforums remain dead until I go through the ridiculous process of forwarding them to Gmail and then back to my regular email.

The links all do and always have worked fine on my PC using Outlook 2010. Again They worked fine until Android Kit Kat became the operating system on my tablet.

So for several weeks I have been relagted back to using my android phone to access the forums through email. While I was not pleased with this, it did work but that is noiw history as I got a new Moto X phone on December 30th that when activated promptly udated itself to android 4.4 kit kat and now the links are all dead on my phone and my tablet.

I have gone through all the normal steps including hard resets to factory configurations, clearing caches, clearing all data and caches, and re-establishing the pop3 email accounts on the 2 android devices. Nothing has helped so far.

Have you heard of this?

I would be grateful for any help or tips you can provide.

Today I reported it to Google. Even they seemed unaware and have submitted to the team for a possible fix in a future software rollout (that is never quick).

Please let me know if I can provide any more info that could be helpful.


myff admin

I don't have anything running kitkat yet

I will see if I can guess anything though... Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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