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Stayathome Admin

Electronic Talk


I am stayathome admin. Stayathome is a Simple Place, where you can talk about, Games. Computers, and TVShows/ videos. And, All kinds of other things.

Hope you join!

                                ~Stayathome Admin/Asaratha
Stayathome Admin

Statistics Update:

2 members
7 posts
Stayathome Admin


Please Join :/
Stayathome Admin


3 members

13 posts
myff admin

You must stop bumping this unless you have a significant update

It is unreasonably casual and you haven't even changed the title of the forum.

Your gaming section seems a bit messy to me. I might suggest doing the genres, then put sub-forums for your favorite games or companies. Like rather than having Hal-Life Games and FPSs, make it FPS Games-->VALVe Games... A bit more organized. Also, not a required but recommended (in my opinion), a different look; the SubSilver template bores me. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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