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Editing styles

My url is

I want to use the beta7 Style

i just need to know how to change the 4 links at the top from link 1 -4 and make them go to pages ... any help would be awesome... thanks

Or for my current theme the X-Iphone skin how to i make the Home link at the top of the page go to the index.html not the index.php ?

Also off topic how do i get rid of adds? or pay to remove them... and how much is it for 1 year... thanks,


1 question per topic, and feel free to use the search - you will easily find the ad free option there, use the side link for the site shop.

As for the editing... you need to have a single goal rather than one or the other, because both can be done.  And I think you can find the answer by searching.

To change the link on X-Iphone all you need to do is change the {INDEX} macro to the url for the page you want.

For the other template just edit the links.  As a note, any template editing needs some HTML knowledge, I don't know how the links are set-up on that template and I don't have anywhere to reference it right now.

Ok ummm how do i do that to the Home button lol?
sorry i been at it for days now ...
myff admin

How far have you got?

Do you know you have to edit overall_header.tpl?

Have you learned at least a little HTML? Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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