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Editable Post Counts Hack Guide

Editable Post Counts

Features: (please Read)

Good: Edit users post count, their post counts will still increase after being edited whenever they post, it looks like they have more posts than they do, edited post count displayable in posts and profiles and memberlist.

Bad: Doesn't effect total post count on forum, when a post is deleted it doesn't reduce post count, not suitable to add it if you already have a busy forum as people will be reset to the default post count you set unless you edit them individually which will take time for a large number of users, doesn't assign ranks based upon the new post count it still bases upon the old propper one.

Now that you have read them it is upto you if you want to add it.

GUIDE (please use editor)

1. Goto Admin Panel - General - Profile Fields.
2. Add new profile field called POSTCOUNT - use following details.

3. Goto Styles - Edit Templates/Logos - Choose Template to Edit (reccomended using editor and back-up template)
4. Edit viewtopic_body.tpl
5. Find
and replace with
<span class="profile">Posts:&nbsp; {POSTCOUNT}</span>

6. Save and then edit profile_view_body.tpl
7. Find
and replace with

8. Delete
<br /><span class="genmed">[{POST_PERCENT_STATS} / {POST_DAY_STATS}]</span>

9. Save and then edit memberlist_body.tpl
10. Find
and replace with

11. Save.

12. Goto Styles - Portal Settings - Actions
13. Create a new action with the following settings.

Admin Panel (User Profile Edit)

Post View

Profile View

Memberlist View

I love the idea of this hack and upon trying it, I can not get it to work. Who do I do the ACTIONS deal under the portal settings? Do I need to have my portal code in the right section in my template or does it matter if portals are able to show or not?

I have the Posts: field in the profiles when going to edit, but they do not register.  

I really think falsifying post counts is only cheating yourself and your forum/community as it will quickly become clear there's been some mischief going on, not only that what will people see if they click the "Find all posts by XxxxX" link and only find 1 page, with a claim of over say 1000 posts?
myff admin

I have to agree, it  has all sorts of flaws even if you get it working. I would award some points for cleverness it is an example of the way we want XACTIONs to be exploited for ideas we would not even think of, but that aside it is a very bad idea in my view.

You don't want to edit it to go up, that is, as was said, cheating in a way.

If you want to make it go down because you feel the particular member is spamming your forum to reach a particular post count, you can simply delete the spam, and make sure he/she knows the rules.

I understand why people are against this, but i've seen a couple of people ask over my years here and a thought occured to me that it may be possible to create this yourself (it's limited of course) so I put together a guide, and also outlined the good and bad points so people could decide for themselves.

I wouldn't add this to a forum of my own (the one I created it on for the walkthrough is a dead forum really) might start trying to make new hacks/walkthroughs by using it though.
myff admin

I'll say again I am technically impressed

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
I'll say again I am technically impressed

wow, impressed? cool  

Theres a lot of potential in the mff system (if you're prepared to look around and work at it) that isn't in other systems, i'm struggling to get a succesful forum going at the moment, maybe because of my lack of time, i dunno, hopefully i will get one going  again one day though, but i'm going to explore the admin panel again to see what other stuff I can conjour up. Forum Index -> Running your community
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