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Edit a rank image?

Would someone be able to edit this rank image (alt_rankadmin.gif) for me at all please so that it says head moderator instead of admin and still flashes the different colours?
Ive tried but cant do it.
Danny M Might do it for you if you ask nicely

ill do it if you give me a direct link er something to the pic so i dont have to search for it

edit: well ill see if i can do it.. my photoshop has been giving me problems lately...

I have emailed you K.

... i am sorry to say i cant... i mean i can, but ... my phtoshop is being dumb, actually its my whole pc. registeries are screwd up and theyre affecting everything. at first (few days ago) photoshop wouldnt let me open, np i could just right click an object and hit open with... but now i cant save either.... i had your thing done too

one question though, was that image a .gif or a .jpg? cause it downloaded for me as a .jpg, and jpgs arent supposed to move as far as i know. so i took a screen shot of the moving image and made it that way, cause photoshop didnt like your moving jpg either lol

but sorry man, other wise youd have it right now... i think i have to reinstall windows... again

use the attach file link under the post area and I'll see what I can do tomorrow unless someone beats me to it, tis 9:50pm and it's england vs germany in football (I hate this word, soccer to you yanks)

*please don't use the word soccer it is now classed as swearing when you use it in front of an English person*

Nick(NR) wrote:

*please don't use the word soccer it is now classed as swearing when you use it in front of an English person*

A bloody men to that

Click to see full size image

Firstly you posted the edited one you tried to edit, which is no help to me as it doesn't flash like it should.

So assuming they are the l.e.d.s that are on page one here:

I have edited it, the font is slightly different, but had the title you wanted:


Thank you very much Nick Forum Index -> The Graphics Hub
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