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Easy Money

Or so they say ,,,,, but can anyone stop the catch ????
myff admin

Those ads are all over the place, pure scam. They must be ripping people off for millions.

I've got this way of making easy money, but instead of doing it myself I'm going to much more effort to tell you, a complete stranger, how to do it instead.

I'm tired of making this easy money, your turn now Mr stranger.

Yeah, doesn't quite ring true, does it?
myff admin

There are a 1000 version of this advert with just a few textual changes and different photos.

The scam is in the small print, they "subscribe" you for a load of dosh each month, and you will be too busy being greedy to read that bit. Then the credit card bills arrive.

It should be illegal.

Google Revolution - Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use

Thank you for.....
As more fully described below, following your risk-free 7-day trial, you'll be charged the monthly subscription fee of $73.83. ...

edited to avoid copyright issues.

One thing doesn't make sense to me.

"As seen & trusted on Google..."

"The trademarks in this image are owned by their respective owners who do not endorse this product.
Google Revolution, LLC is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with Google. Results vary. Individuals have been remunerated."

So.. it is trusted by the companies, but not endorsed by them.... and of course all the individuals that gave their testimony have been paid for it. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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