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Daniel Beal


I received an e-mail on 3:50AM, with the following.

It has come to our intention that your forum is use "spam" posting, creating very large numbers of totally pointless posts, possibly for the motive of increasing your forums position in our forums directory.

This practice is not allowed, and unless you cease this practice and remove the large bulk of spam, we will either do it ourselves or suspend your forum.

Removing large numbers of posts, will lead to members post counts being out of sync and there is an option in the admin panel to resync post counts. is just one example.

I've viewed my forum, and I agree that there is some spam posts which I will start clearing now. Although the example that you have gave, isn't my forum and is a non-active forum. If you could let me know if this was for the owner of that forum or mine forum. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
myff admin

Sorry if there was a mistake made.

I'd draw everyone’s attention to this thread though:

A lot of forums are getting spammers at the end of threads. These may look harmless but are not.
Daniel Beal

Ok, Thanks. No problem. I'll try and remove any which look non-human and have a good search tonight.

Daniel Beal
myff admin

It's a good idea to alert mods as to what to look out for.

But then it is not hard, really any new poster to a forum should come under scrutiny.
Daniel Beal

Ok, thanks for the advice.

I've viewed some new members, and I've spotted two user's (vinodkumar13 & Chicker96)which posted 'spam' posts/topics which I've removed. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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