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Duplicate admin accounts

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I have taken ownership of this forum, however, I had a normal account before becoming admin so I now log into the forum using the old admins profile.

My normal user account still exists on the forum so I would like to merge this with the admin owner account.

I do not want to post my username here so do I email this to myfreeforum admin?

Thanks for your help...
myff admin

You can set the other account to Admin in user permissions in the admin panel.

I managed to get both the old admins account and my account using the same user name hence the confusion.

The problem I have now is that although I have set the old admin to user level permissions and renamed it something slightly different to my account so I can work out the two I cannot rename the old admins account back to it's original name as it error saying 'name already exists'.

I cannot find the username name in the user list, does it just need time to update the changes I have made?

Thanks for your help...
myff admin

That is a bit of a bug with the system, and why the admin account of this board is myff admin! reusing old names does not work, you need to call them something a little different. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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