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myff admin

Drive failed on a NAS raid device

The system in question has been hot swapped and is rebuilding.

There is no direct effect on any forums, but it does reduce some monitoring systems to a crawl. In fact one of the monitors is a basic uptime test on myff which is now showing close to two days continual down time as the test that shows we are in fact up times out

I might not have mentioned this at all but Drazen has been asking about phpbb3 attachment quotas and one of the plans under consideration was to take phpbb3 attachments off the main fast expensive server disks and onto the cheaper NAS devices. But I was dithering on this as the failure of NFS devices has a habit of stopping everything in its tracks, and you are only as reliable as the worst point of failure.

This incident certainly puts that plan into the dustbin, and I will be looking at less generous quote updates and better attachment management.

Thanks for the info. Looking forward to it
myff admin

Looks like the rebuild will complete around midnight.
myff admin

the backup machine that also runs the myff forum tests, needed a reboot to start working properly following the rebuild, but once the reboot occurred all started working well and we finally got told that myff was up again okay it never was down  Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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