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Dreams/paranormal/occult/astrology post exchange!

Hi there everyone

My site is about dreams/sleep and all dream related chat. I would like to make a post exchnge with other people who are in the same sorta field as myself. Maybe we could make a deal and I post 5 or 7 times including 1 new post on your board and you do the same for me.

Astrology, I Ching, Numerology, Spirituality etc...All of these types of boards are fine and if it works well then maybe we could even discuss posting each others links on our boards. I really want to get my board going but no one seems to want to be first so the more posts we have the more it will draw others in and everyones happy. After our initial posts are made we can make arrangements for further posts if you wish on a weekly or even daily basis as we see fit.:P

If interested please goto my forum and register and give me a pm with a link to your forum and I will register also and we can each start posting. Of course I will act professional in my posts and post relevant information and would expect the same in return.

Thanks for anyone interested and here is the link to my Forum: My name there is Vision also.

I would also consider post swapping with anyone who is into dreams or just curious about dreams or their meanings. Hope to see ya soon.


Hey, how about 10 posts each?

My forum is

Sure Dsi, why not?

I'll register there and when you register at mine we can start posting. We'll do 9 posts and 1 new thread? That sounds good. If you have a preference for any areas you want to kickstart let me know. Maybe you could open a new thread in the Play Pen. It's the off topic area where you can talk about anything you want.

I'll go register now and await your registration k? After that if you want we can discuss some further postings k?

Ok I'm registered and ready to go.

Ok I've started posting you can start posting on my forum too now.

Well looks like we both got some good posts in there. I just finished. Now maybe we could do one o two a day for the next week or so if you're into it. Funny how when it rains it pours. Earlier today was the busiest my forum has ever been and had about 6 new sign ups in 24 hours. Very nice.

Anyhow, let me know if you wanna post more and if so maybe you could put a couple in the Dream section since that's what the board is about after all. I don't watch TV shows reall but through a couple in the TV section anyhow where the Majority of users go. Went well though. Thanks and let me know.

Anyone else wishing to join the post swap, you have two people here into it so just say the word and we'll see what we can come up with k?

Well I think that's about it for me, I'm kind of pressed for time.

No problem, thanks and good luck

Hi there,

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We are also running two brillant competitions! One is if you post 10 posts around the forum you will get a FREE LED torch! And the other one if about getting members from you to join! So they is plenty of prizes to go around! So what are you waiting for...

So thats my forum information!

So would you be happy do exchange? And I would do 5 posts!

Hi sorry I have been away a while. Sure. I am working on another website now and it's gonna be big but I'll still help you if you want. Just join my forum and post your link. You dont even have to post if you don't want. I dont really care right now. I have little time for my forum. But post in advertisements if you want Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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