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Don't Suffer Alone

It is the aim of Don't Suffer Alone to offer help, support and advice to all those who self harm.

We intend to offer this help, in a non judgmental, supportive and caring way, offering support on a personal and practical level.

This site is to provide help and support to anyone who needs it. It covers a huge range of topics, you can ask for help on absolutely anything. Our staff/moderators will help you to the best of their ability. All our first aiders are fully qualified but do NOT replace a doctors treatment. Please respect our rules, they're there in your best interest.

Well... that's enough of the boring stuff... Welcome to DSA! Have a great time here... be sure to get involved :]

We cover topics such as:

- Self-Harm

- Depression

- Suicidal Thoughts

- Mental Disorders

- Eating Disorders

- Bullying/Abuse

and General Issues. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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