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Domain renewal

Sorry to bother you with something this simple (usualy) but I cant find the way to renew my domain with MYFF.
I did it 2 years ago easily but now I'm stuck.

I received emails from Mywebhost (registerapi at but its not the way I renew my domain usualy.

Now I try to log to my accounts here >>;task=loginforum&Itemid=27
and there >>
But no success. I lost my passwords and if I use the "lost password" option I dont receive any email.

Could you please help me with the renewal of my domain?
Thank you !!
myff admin

looks like you are registered with and that is where you will need to renew.

How would I be with dotster whan I never heard of them?
Even if my site is registered with them, I cant even log in a user account there.

I bought my domain through MYFF site.

Here's what I get if I do research on my site:

IP Address:
IP Block: -
Host:Fig (UK) Ltd
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, GB
Location:Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, GB
Page Load Time:1.320 secs.
Server Type:Apache/2.2.3
Date Registered:December 22, 2009
Date Expires:December 22, 2012
Registration Length:3 Years
Domain Status:Active

So if I understand correctly I'm with ??

Is there any way I can renew my domain with MYFF?
Thank you for the help. I look like a beginner once more but its like everything changed since last time I renew.
myff admin

We are a dotser reseller, I was for some reason thinking you had gone direct.

You should be able to login direct at dotster or via the "login" link in the middle of this page.

Thank you !!
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