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Domain Renew Problems

I'm not sure where to post this so its going here. I'm trying to renew my domain I bought here and when I log into my account using the link in the  email that was sent to me it does not list any domains. Need help and I don't see any support buttons on the account site.

account name is gastch
accoutn id # is 3303799
myff admin

As far as I can see the registrar is and not our service.

No I purchased it thru your links that appear at the bottom of the forums. If I go into my account using the link provided I can even see my order history where I pruchased this domain last November and also another one Neither exist now in my account. I have never transfered these domains nor have I even heard of until today when I did an internet search on whom my domain was registered with.

I logged in several time thismorning with no luck but I just logged in and they are there.

Can you raise a ticket via the account.

We are only resellers and can't actually action anything.

It looks very odd

I can go order placing and it goes to paypal and gets its info then comes back to your site for placing the order and says there was an error that the check box for reading the registration agreement was not checked. I have done it twice and made sure it was checked but still get the error. I see 2 transactions on my paypal history that are marked cancelled. Forum Index -> ECommerce support
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