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Alex Henderson

Domain name

I own a domain name that is being used by a member of this site. Is it legal for that person to use my registerd domain name please ?

If not would that paerson have to close down his free forums,  using my domain name, provided by ?
Many thanks

You make no mention of the domain name, so the forum can be identified and the owner contacted if need be, also nameservers have to be set with the registrar of the domain name provider, so would that mean they have the account details of who made the purchase of the domain name?

If it is the case you need to login where you purchased your domain name and change your password and remove the nameservers.

While it could be considered theft, it's also a case of people not having very strong passwords for people to figure out, kind of like leaving a window slightly open for a burglar to break in.

We will always try to seek a resolution with the complainant and the forum where possible.

In this instance, you will have to wait for admin andallow him the chance to contact the forum owner, but as I say above we would need the domain name in question to contact the forum in question to seek an answer, before this can go anywhere.
Alex Henderson

I asked if a person could use a registered domain name on the free forums, the person has no access to my details, the individual has just used a doamian name held by me which i purchased Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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