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Do you see electric cars being the future?

Reason being.
One of Nissan's manufacturing plants is in my 'small town' and they will be doing electric cars here soon. I already completed a robotic and hydrolic course there (I can set up a hydralic system and program a robot   ) so I am wondering if electric cars could be the future if I should jump on it ASAP about me getting into over there as a career or the sorts.  (I am 18 btw)

Here in the UK there is being put forward some considerable investment into this area.  It is the future, and I believe within the next ten years (here at least) that it will replace motor engines.

Of course it's the future, it's too late to make a difference, but yep it's the future.
myff admin

It is a simple equation, for the pure electric car to take off it has to be competitive on:

1) Cost
2) Running Cost
3) Range
4) Performance

Running cost it clearly wins, Cost comes with volume, performance isn't that bad these days, leaving Range as the problem.

This will continue to be the problem until and unless one of the new battery techs pan out. Such tech still needs to improve energy densities by something like a factor of two at the minimum. Since you cannot top up an electric car in 3 minutes range needs to be reasonable. What is reasonable? I'd say something like 250miles, e.g. enough to cover what most people would want to drive in a day.

Of course hybrid technologies render it more complex and might help make partial electric cars make it to the roads before the batteries are really up to the job of running an acceptable pure electric car.

The above also only deals with the next decade or so, when petrol will continue to be relatively cheap.

They are apparently trialling refuel/recharge points at car park spots.  Not only that, but they've invented remote charging, so you'll just be able to park your car and it will charge automatically, or perhaps even as you are on the move.  Amazing.
myff admin

I'd still take some convincing that such measures would be effective enough to overcome range issues. But there are plenty of promising new battery techs that can't all be vaporware. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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