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myff admin

DNS server

Just a muse really, we have four types of DNS server, these are the servers that map a forums name to an ip address.

1) The master server.
2) Slave servers running the same code as the master server.
3) Conventional slaves that are run by a 3rd party namely and need manually setting.
4) Simple slaves that don't run our master code, but simply ftp a list of base domains and act as conventional slaves.

The aim is for maximum backup and redundancy.

The master server now has to be moved, and needs a little code rewrite to make it more robust, It was not responsible for the DNS issues this week, that was the calling forum layer, but it has needed daily intervention in the face of 1000's of forum moves and that needs sorting.

The main issue is where to move it? Even with 136gb of ram on the system, ram cannot be treated as a commodity to be wasted, the master server wants a reasonably generous environment and generous environments need to be shared with other stuff. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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