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DMOZ and you

Have you used DMOZ yet to index their forums?
(Their is a thread a while back saying someon else has used it here but it was made in 2005).

DMOZ is basically a humanized Search Engine, as you read on SEO you know search engines use 'robots' to view and list your forum. However, DMOZ uses people.
Though the articles are old, DMOZ isn't as popular as yahoo/google/or what ever the hell microsoft calls their search engine now . However, people say it can help in page rank on Google.

An article about DMOZ
At the time of writing, the front page at DMOZ states "57,251 editors"

So you might want to read up on DMOZ and how to get your forum on there if you find it beneficial. is the site.

To prove you can gt on DMOZ, their is a list of MyFF's already on there here Forum Index -> Search Engines
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