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Warcraft III Discussions Forum has an easily spotted goal, to discuss the Warcraft III Games. The important thing of this though, is that it is centered around the Warcraft III specifically and not Warcraft or BLIZZARD in general. I realize that the forum has few posts, but that is because as a discussion/chat forum it requires more than one person to start it. And quite honestly, my friends aren't interested in RTS games.

Warcraft III
This game is an RTS based in Fantasy/Medeival times. There are four single-player campaigns in this game, they are centered around the main four races: Human, Undead, Orc, Night Elf. The story is that the Burning Legion controlled by the Lich king is coming to Azeroth (the world this takes place) to destroy it. However the three  campaings take the player on an adventure to stop the evil, and one to support it.

Also they have an online function: Battle.Net. You can play online with other people from around the globe (kind of). There are four servers, US.West US.East Europe and Asia (I think). But you can play anytihng from custom maps to ladder/tournament maps made by BLIZZARD.

Warcraft III comes with a World Editor, a program used to make maps for multi-player, or single-player use. You can customize every character with it, and even make your own. Same for abilities, doodads, and items. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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