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Deleted Posts, Need password recovery



In the space of 10 minutes, My entire forum was turned upside down

Only 50 posts remain, 3 members and the forum login password to the Control Panel in has been changed

Please reset password then PM or e-mail to me

As I cannot edit previous post.

We now have proof on who has done everything.

I don't feel safe posting the story here so can Admin either Pm or E-mail me at vavaloom[at]
myff admin

A forum restore is $10. A well documented procedure.

Is the only form of payment available, Paypal?
myff admin

it is paypal only. Anyone can use a credit card on paypal.

We both have decided to pay for a forum restore.

This will be 5 equivelent from grand and the rest from me to make up the full restore price.

Once these will be donated using the myfreeforum donation button, then we will be asking shortly after for a forum restore.

(Ps: im the co-founder)


I shall be sending a 5 donation and Adam shall be sending a 1.50 donation

This should make up $10

Another Edit: As we can't send $10 exact by donation

We will be sending by Paypal

Doing it as we speak.

In the restoration post it says that you send donations to Paypay[at]

Is it PayPay or Paypal????
myff admin

It is paypal. What post has the error?

You've edited now

Which date would you be able to restore till.

As we had a smacker of a day yesterday in which 10 members joined and we went 500 posts up of which none of spam.

If you can't get it back to yesterday then I really would not like to go ahead with the restoration.
myff admin

The forums are backed up once every 24 hours, that might mean there is no backup at the precisely ideal hour. You pays your money and takes your chance. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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