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Delete posts with keyword

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We've been getting spammed a fair bit recently, from one person/possibly bot posting from several different IP addresses; so I don't want to block the IP since it wouldn't work and I don't know anything about them anyway, and I don't particularly want to stop guest posting.

But the spam posts are all about buying drugs online; I was wondering if there was a way to automatically delete posts that contain a keyword, aka "drugs". A portal, perhaps?

Is there a way to do this - and would you advise it?
myff admin

I think you would have a never ending chase on that one, just look at the way spam emails disguise words.

Ah, yes, I suppose you're right. Well then, for now we'll just have to keep chasing after him. But if it gets much worse I'll have to disable anonymous posting.

Thanks for your advice and for your swift reply
myff admin

Guest posting is something that is almost impossible to have these days.

You can set it so that people need a minimum amount of posts to be able to post links.  Though I think this would only apply to registered members.

Allowing guest posting does mean you will receive spam quite a lot.  If your forum is set up for this then you do need a good moderation team to keep on top of it.  We get quite a few spammers here but most people never notice.  Sometimes the mod team here go to ban someone and someone else has banned them in between you looking and you deleting the spam post  

Guests can be set on moderation in the phpbb2 admin panel.
Any post made by a guest need a moderator approval before it get released.
MYFF admin added it a while ago when I asked for it. Very usefull. Forum Index -> Running your community
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