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Delete My Forum

I need my forum deleted, i have a different one now and i signed up for a dot tk, then deleted that domain and got it with my other forum but its still going to the tk one, so please delete this forum:
myff admin

admin (no pm's please) wrote:
Just a note, you can have your "own domain" here.

I see you have a poll up!
Ture. We have another opportunity now. It is indeed a tough decision.
The option to go to our own server just came up yesterday. It may be the best option as I have the flexibility that I have become accustomed to.
There is no doubt that you run a TOP NOTCH operation. I think we really should free up your resources and move our operations to our own server.

I am in the process of following directions posted above and setting the forum here up to dissolve.

I want to give you all a standing ovation for the service and professionalism you have here. It has been a very positive experience!

THANK YOU, Brule ( aka HenryJ)

Why did you remove my post? I wrote:

Please delete this

another question: Why does it say I'm always online on forum?


myff admin wrote:

It says you are online because when you are looking at whether you are online or not, you are online. Forum Index -> Running your community
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