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Database Issue

Good Day,

Hoping you can assist me, firstly thank you for the db export and related material.

I installed a flat version on phpb3 on my test server and dropped you DB into my DB and all seemed okay but on further investigations it seems that the export that I received is a phpbb2 export which has ultimately resulted in missing tables in DB.

Would MFF be able to assist in anyway?

Thank you

Current Forum//

Test Environment//
myff admin

What do you think is missing? I'm looking at the export and it is phpbb3

myff admin wrote:
What do you think is missing? I'm looking at the export and it is phpbb3

For example:
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Table 'xxxxx.phpbb_thanks' doesn't exist [1146]
myff admin

There isn't a "thanks" table in our version of phpbb3 are you using a version with addons that we do not have?

Managed to sort it out thanks - was an issue on my side.
Just a quick question - is it possible to only upload the latest posts when extracting a new DB?

So simply.
Once I have setup the platform locally and have it running, I would like to only update the post content as opposed to replacing every table, is that possible?

Would we need to pay for another db extract to get the latest db?
myff admin

absolutely no need for payment, you have paid already, so you can have what it takes, however many times. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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