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David Halfpenny

Custom Profile Fields no longer visible


in User Administration, for example:

and in Memberlist, for example:

my two Custom Profile Field have vanished from my recently-edited Style.

Fortunately I can still see them when I use an older version of the Style, so I know that the data is still there and that I still have a copy of the file that would display them.

Please point me to information about what file I should edit to get them back.

(I have Searched both this forum and HowToDoIt before asking you.)

Thanks,  David
myff admin

Has your new style got:


<!-- BEGIN xprofilerow -->
                  <td valign="top"  align="right" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="gen">{xprofilerow.TITLE}:</span></td>
                  <td> <b><span class="gen">{xprofilerow.VALUE}</span></b></td>
<!-- END xprofilerow -->

in profile_viewbody.tpl?
David Halfpenny

Yes it does.

myff admin

You probably need to post in "code" tags the old and the new template file. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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