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Couple of members get logged out mid posting

A couple of my members have had similar problems with losing posts, One uses FF the other used IE..

This is what the FF member describes happens.

lose my post if I am just away for awhile, eg if I am doing banking or odering on amazon and then later go back to continue a post at the island here that I had previoulsy started, it just flicks off my post and back onto the "sign in" screen. When I sign in again though, anything I have previously typed in ready to post has disappeared.

and this

I use firefox and it always seem to happen, if I go away, I have to log in again. Yes I do tick the log in automatic thing each time, but I still have to press "log in" when I first go on the site after closing it. And if I go back after a longish gap., and press either preview or submit, it flicks to the log in screen and when I submit the log in again, what I typed beforehand is gone blank!

I can't think what to tell them as I keep my forum tab open all the time and it doesn't log me out and I looked thru FF to see if it had a setting that kicked them out of anything they were signed into and can't see anything like that.

Grateful for any ideas, thanks

myff admin

I'd wonder about whether they need a virus scan, or have adblockers or some such.

I'll tell them to do a virus scan but everything else is ok... the one who had the problem I copied in here has 2 techy sons so pretty sure they'd have anti virus protection running and it only affects the forum page..

I have ad blockers [sorry   ] and have never seen that problem.

Thanks for trying to help..

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