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If i was to make a forum for eba members to i.e advertise there items on ebay n just generall chat

could ebay just come along and get my forum taken away/suspended

do you think they would mind if i made an ebay forum

I doubt Ebay would be upset about extra advertising.

If however, you were doing stuff that flouted their rules (eg selling outside of Ebay etc), I am sure they would be on you like a ton of bricks.

But a forum about Ebay I am sure would be fine.

i was think of like sections like where people post what there looking t buy on ebay and people could say if they have got and want to sell it on ebay then give the person a link

and section like good deals or bad deals

If you are linking to e-bay sales, or asking people to sell on e-bay then you should be fine, because as Bravo said it's extra advertising.

If you are trying to get sales to bypass e-bay then you could be in trouble if it gets noticed.

I started creating a similar forum a while ago, dont worry im not here to promote it though as it wasn't successful as I didn't have the time.

I contacted ebay to check they didn't have any issues with it and although I dont have their reply any more if I remember correctly they said it was fine as long as I didn't break any of their T&C by encouraging people to sell outside of ebay or illegal items etc...

I was also told not to use the ebay logo or graphics for my logo and not to use the ebay style writing.

I've just looked up the original post advertising my ebay forum so you might be able to get some pointers from comments, although the forum link it's advertising is now inactive. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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