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Copyright Infringement Issues

Forum in Question:

Specific Posts in Question:

These post have directly copied and pasted my essays and research -- which is not the appropriate way to use/cite my information for educational reasons. (My website is ). The posts have been up for years, it seems, and I cannot find contact information for the poster and/or admin of the forum.

Please remove these posts ASAP.


Well, first of all you need to use a new thread, not an old one for this.  I'm splitting this off for that reason.

And as for the complaint, I do see a reference back to your site, each post seems to be taken from a different site, with that site being cited at the bottom.

Not sure where to stand on this, but I'm not seeing any violation as it is credited to you.   And please give more information rather than stating it is from yours.  What post, what content and where can it be found on your site?
myff admin

I have suspended the forum concerned.

It would have been done earlier,  but because the complaint was misposted to the end of a thread and then split, no notification of the complaint was received by me and hence it was not looked into.

We do take copyright seriously and on investigation I deem that the posts went well beyond the boundaries of :

"fair use with accreditation".

e.g. peoples right to post an excerpt and link back. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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