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David Keel

Confessions of a rogue Admin


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I have mad a BIG mistake.  Please can you help?
Myself and two brothers are running a forum, all with admin rights.   I was the only one who appeared to be wanting to do stuff (organizing it, editing etc. ) Frustrated that it was so untidy I decided to try and look at posts which could be pruned.
When I clicked on the prune button I thought it would do what Windows does and take me to the next page and give me a list of things to edit.  Instead it deleted a whole section of posts.  Infact the major posting area of our clan :  'Trackmania Talk'.
Needless to say there has been murder since this happened.
The disaster happened on Thursday 18th Dec (evening between 5pm and 6-pm).

I have made a donation for your willing efforts.  Paypal Transaction Reference:8VR139261H219491G

Thanks Big Time.  

PS>  I found the following link helpful explaining how to put together a request for deleted posts.
myff admin

Can you confirm that you know that if we restore back to Wednesday you will lose anything posted since then.
David Keel

That would be amazing. And OK.  Thanks a lot.

Sorry to have made a mess of things in my original post.
I've gone over the 20 minute point so I can't re-edit.
myff admin

The restore may not happen until this afternoon.

Sunday morning is when the main weekly backup cycle occurs and I can't hammer the server with a restore process at that time.
David Keel

Thank you.  Anytime is fine.
myff admin

Restored to Wednesday which has increased the posts so I assume that was about right.
David Keel

Wow ! Amazing.  How do you do that ?  
It's one thing to be told it's been done but then to see it in Technicolour is fabulous !

Can I sing a Christmas song ?  

Deck the halls with boughs of holly,  Fa la la la la,  la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,  Fa la la la la,  La la la la    

myff admin

David Keel wrote:
Wow ! Amazing.  How do you do that ?  

A lot more easily now a days as more stuff has been coded to help. But it is still a subsidized service as it is time consuming.

backups by their nature need to be somewhat removed from what they are backing up  
David Keel

I have heard that the phpBB version 3  has a backup tool incorporated in it.  If that's true we should get that installed as soon as...

If we install it do how do we move our posts ?
myff admin

free forums systems don't enable internal backups for financial reasons. Sorry but that is just the way the industry works.
David Keel

It's okay.  I see what you mean. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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