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There are slanderous comments which contravene the Hate Laws and those of the Harassment Act 1987 and the laws of privacy on the above two forums.  It is illegal to mention someone by name and also disclose their address.  
Can these two threads be removed please.
myff admin

I do not see an address, not that they are strictly illegal to post, though it would be generally be a breach of T&C.
I am largely just seeing an inter forum spat.
I will contact the owners however.

Thank you.  It is indeed illegal under the Privacy laws to post someone's name and address on the internet.  I don't know if you have seen the latest vitriol on the North Highland Way thread, but it is appalling and very upsetting.
myff admin

Please to not use email to confuse the dialogue of what is happening.

We have contacted the forum owner and await there response, but if as you state this has been passed to the police our general view is that you have chosen to ignore using us as means of resolution and want to place it in police hands in which case we would wait on contact from the police to proceed.

Hi I am the owner and admin of

With reference to the above complaint.

One of our users spotted a forum on letsgonorths website and posted a link to it on my forum, I saw this link and looked at what appeared to be a spoof forum on letsgonorths website, I emailed LGN to inform her of this, she responded to me with thanks.

Later a post was made on my forum by a new member, 'A friend' this started the 'let's go north' thread.

Later in this thread A friend revealed the name of a house, which may have been letsgonorths house.
Letsgonorth is well known in our county, and appears to be a delusional attention seeker. Comparing the IP addresses of the two users when they joined our forum it appears, that despite A friend suggesting that they did not know where letsgonorth lived, that the two users lP addresses are very similar, only the last few numbers being different, suggesting they may have logged on from the same address.

The matter has been dealt with, and I posted a notice on the forum reminding users of the terms and conditions. I doubt very much whether contact with the police has been made. If it has then I am quite sure that no offence has been committed by my forum users.

Hopefully this will go some way to clearing up the mess created by this user and that this can be an end to the matter.

Kind regards

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