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Community forum looking for link exchanges

I thought I'd make the subject obvious

Okay, simply put.. I'm looking for link exchanges for my forum, I am interested in affiliating with any style of forum, any subject matter, and just opening the community base.  I would be happy to add links to any other site, while top supporters can get links added directly into the portal for more visibility.

About my community: It's called Harsh Reality, it's a general community forum, directed mostly at a more mature audience, to talk about life, love, games, movies, art, poetry, just about anything.  Younger people are welcome, but there is adult language, so only visit or exchange if you are willing to expose people to that, or would like to put a warning with the link.

That's about it... PM me on my forum and let me know if you are interested!


Edit: Would be smart to list my forum... - Enjoy!

Just to have it said as well.... It's not as hard as you'd think to PM me on my board, you don't need to register.  As a guest you can send private messages, so just visit and send one with the information!

Have PM'd you at the Lazy Lounge.

Since I can't edit it... I found out that guests can't PM (even though it's set to... oh well) I have a guest forum that people can post in, and everybody is welcome to say hi there. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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