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myff admin

Coming to the end of forum moves

According to the directory system, there were less than 7000 forums left to be moved last night.

Some 1,500 of them have been shifted so far today, including a large batch of phpbb3 forums. That number will have another few thousand added to it by the end of the day.

So aside from the need to take a more cautious approach with the very very large forums, we are within a few days of being done

Though there is still the major issue of moving the forum domains themselves.

I'm in two minds on these, currently they are "plesk" domains, plesk licences cost us, and there is only marginal benefit from having plesk control forum domains.

I do believe in looking after the pennies, though perhaps not quite as much as my mate Barry who I caught trying to fiddle free parking at his daughters wedding at the weekend  
myff admin

Over 5000 transferred today now, what is left are big and active forums.

How much longer until wonko disappears from my URL please?
myff admin

The guide time is up to 48 hours.

We tell the net... the net does its thing....

testing at:

tells me that one of the nameservers we use thinks there is 12 hours live left in the old address.

But your ISP is another story we know nothing about.
myff admin

Under 500 moves left to go.

There were a few glitches yesterday, all were sorted as soon as reported. But some more code has been put in to detect the circumstances involved and to both try and stop the problem occurring with the move, or to fail safe if the problem can't be dealt with.

The key point with this, is that a forum move is really a forum copy. At no point during a move does any deletion take place on the forums originating server. As such if something does go wrong and does slip through the ever more comprehensive checks that take place, it can always be reverted

All the same the tail end of forums to be moved are by and large the very large forums, and they will trickle much more slowly across servers over the next several days.

The key now is to start work on some of the other infrastructure needed to complete the emptying of the server involved.

I'm confused...

my dot com resolves to

and to

and to

So why when I use my dot com url do I get forwarded to the wonko URL?

Is there something your end needs doing?

myff admin

Is only a guide to propagation, if things resolve cleanly there then that is good

But it does not mean that your PCs cache or your ISPs nameservers have definitely caught up.

When I use your links, they all work properly. I know from experience with my own PC that had I tried a but earlier and had got "wonko'd" then I'd remain that way for quite some time to come, as my system caches addresses until I do a local Linux command to clean shop on the PC.

Hmm, I did a DNS flush and as I say the ip's are the same...

Maybe the browser caches also?

Though a penny has just dropped... I go through a poxy (proxy) server at work...
myff admin

Has to be something like that.

We always say 48 hours as a guide, but it is only a guide, generally this means a few hours, but the tail off curve for the unlucky can be longer.

The problem is that the net breaks its own rules We give a two hour TTL (time to live) on the records, and our systems process DNS updates within a few hours, so by the rules within say a maximum of 6 hours everyone should be getting things right.

Instead everything on the net caches and frequently changes 2 hour TTLs to 48 hours  
myff admin

Held up currently as a licence is not working on the server where the actual forum master domains will end up

I guess the plan can be changed a bit though, so at least progress is being made.
myff admin


Dit probleem is reeds bij ons bekend.
Onze engineers zijn bezig dit op korte termijn op te lossen.

In het vertrouwen u hiermee voldoende te hebben ge´nformeerd. Mocht u nog vragen hebben dan beantwoord ik deze graag.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Whatever that means exactly?

It's dutch and basically their saying they know about the problems and engineers are working on short term problems now and any question they will answer
myff admin

Yeh I got the gist as that, but was wondering if I had missed any nuances!

No, you missed nothing, that was practically all it said Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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