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Code for clickable link

The site url is

Keywords searched on are: clickable link, clickable, and link

I need to create a basic clickable link to the above site to post on various other sites.  Few, if any, of the other sites will be mff sites.  Many of the users may use older hardware and may also have older browsers.  There is a thumbnail image in the default images folder that will serve as an icon.  Obviously, I'll plug in the url, as well as the path and filename of the image, if a code sample/template is available.  Could someone please tell me what code should I use to ensure a stable link?  

myff admin

<a href="http://yoursite"><img src="http://yourimage" /></a>

is the basic html for an image link.

Thanks so much.  I'm a bit surprised that I don't need more code.  I've played with some clickable link code before and it was a much longer string than just a basic image link.  Is that all there is to it, or is there often more to it than that?

Forget it.  I figured it out.  Thanks again for your help. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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