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Help!  My Forum has been hijacked/hacked by another administrator (bfett1326) who removed my admin "founding father" status and privileges along with  another's administrative status and has taken down the board.  We have also been banned from our own forum.  I am the Co-owner of the forum and domain.  I also have the most posts on the site if that helps.    

Our board has been down for a week and the person who did this is not responding to phone calls and emails.  I am worried about the "intellectual property" that is on the foum since I run a paintball customizing shop (I can Email you an article that validates what I am saying).  

Is there anything you can do to restore my administrative status? I am the proprietor founding father of the forum - "infamoussmiley" is my screen name.  The other administrator that was exiled is "Yeti".   The Rogue Admin is "bfett1326"  because we didn't agrree with him on an issue, he is punishing us by taking away our forum.  

You may contact me by phone if you wish -
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phone number removed

Our forum site is - -

Please respond,
Smiley Burke
myff admin

You should be able to use the control panel :;task=loginforum&Itemid=27

to restore the admin account and gain access.

My password is not working.  I have a bad feeling that "bfett1326" changed it or didn't give me the current password.  What are my options?  Help!

myff admin

The forum owner records show bfett1326 as the owner. No password changes have been made.

e.g. it would appear they have always had ownership of the forum.

yes, He is the co owner in the sense that he set up the forum and assists with maintenance, but that's it.  But I am the owner also and I pay the forum's  dues from our business paypal account.  I use this site for my business so I can communicate with my customers.    
We also use the forum to communicate with our paintball team/crew.  Last week, there was a disgreement between bfett1326 and other forum members.  Shortly after, my founding father status was revoked along with another ("Yeti") and all of the Sub forums were locked.  Bfett1326 made a "Final Post" saying that he was shutting down the forum because of the disagreement.  36 hrs later, "Yeti" and I ("infamoussmiley") were banned from the site and the forum board was shut down.  

Please, I have customers that I use the forum to communicate with them.  And we use the forum to communicate with our teammates.   If you want I can have others corroborate.  


About 18 months ago, the forum was upgraded/switched over.  I was under the impression that I was one of the people along with Bfett1326 that I was on the account for the forum.  I even have an email set up on the forum - for people to contact me through the forum.  During the switch over period, could I have been taken off of the head contact?

myff admin

If you can corroborate please do so. I have emailed the "owner" a link to this thread.

The fact that the board has been disabled and admins logged as removed does fit in with what you are saying. No one with a forums best interests at heart disables a forum.

I have sent emails out to members of the forum to corroborate.  


In the meantime, what would it take to transfer the forum over to me or duplicate the forum under a different name?  


Smiley run's his business through this website and has been held up with his progress by being shut out of the site. I communicate with my friends on this site and would like to see it back whatever that takes. I can Corroborate the story.

We use the forum to talk and communicate about our paintball trips and smiley has his business on there. Smiley's has been held up because he hasn't been able to receive some of our posts about orders and when things are getting shipped. It has been really hard to set up our upcoming trips without our forum because we can't all get on the same page. we need our forum back and smiley needs to be one who has access again. if there is anything else i can do so we can get this under control please let me know. I can Corroborate smiley's story about this whole issue.

I would like to corroborate what infamoussmiley stated above.  I communicate with friends via the site and equally important I monitor business transactions between myself and Smiley.  

It saddens me that it has come to this juvenile behavior, but Smiley needs control back.
Brian McElwain

Smiley's restricted access to the forum.

I wondered why the MBOB website was down. I was informed that Smiley has no access to the website now either. The website is my only source of contact with the MBOB, I know Smiley is in charge of the MBOB. It is imperative that this website function, please restore Smiley's access to the website in any manner possible so he can get this page up and running again.


 David Ball

I can also confirm Smileys claims of forum ownership. He has been running his personal business from the MBoB forum for as long as I have been working with him (roughly 18 months), and the rest of the group, including myself, use the forum to communicate with each other, and plan our groups paintball trips. This is a rather unfortunate turn of events for our group, but we do what must be done. Please return forum ownership to the rightful person, Smiley Burke.

Alex Riggenbach
myff admin

As an initial step I have suspended the forum.

This should be viewed as positive, it prevents further damage being done.


Please let me  know what needs to be done to restore the forum.  


I have tried to reach bfett1326 recently and he does not repsond to my emails but he is online with facebook posting on his wall.

For the record, Tim (bfett1326) has been my best friend for the past 11 yrs.  I have no idea why he's acting this way.  I miss my friend.  


I'm one of the section moderators and junior officers of the paintball team that uses the forum in question.  I can confirm that in addition to being used as a communication device for our paintball team, which has members located across the Northeastern US, the forum is also used by Smiley to communicate with customers on the progress and specs for their projects with his business, a custom airsmithing service.

I am also able to confirm the likelihood of the forum admin bfett's actions in shutting down the forum and banning other admins as retaliation for the members of the paintball team questioning his judgement.  I have a timestamped email sent to him outlining the teams unhappiness with his decision making on an upcoming paintball game which was sent several hours before the forum was locked down and his "final post" made.  This email would of course be available upon request if it helps us get the forum back.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Frack
Merry Band of Brothers

Hello, I am Yeti on the forum, I was one of the other admin/founding fathers of the site, I was not an owner but only administered over users, I have not been able to get to the site in over a week. I was not talked to about the shut down and I have been contacted by other users asking what is going on.  I have no access to anything that I use to be able to use to administer other users.
myff admin

infamoussmiley wrote:

Please let me  know what needs to be done to restore the forum.  


What is happening already is what needs to happen, e.g. posts that help confirm your position as co-owner.

We do have a fairly strict policy that ownership is vested in the control panel, challenging that is not a casual 5 minute process. It will take as long as myself and the mods here feel is appropriate.

i understand.  

I have been trying to resolve things with bfett1326.  If possible, I would like to take over the forum with the help of Yeti.  Or if possible transfer contents to a secondary forum.  We have almost 4 years worth of writings that we do not want to lose.  


I am not an extremely active user on MBoB, but I can collaborate that Infamoussmiley is a controlling party for the forum.  He uses it for his business.  I hope to see either him given control of it through you or for the other owner to hand over control.
myff admin

Since the forum has been disabled, the admins removed, and plenty of posts suggesting that things are as stated have been made, I consider this situation to be on the fast track to a restoration.

But that will still need your patience. I consider the fast track to be allowing 48 hours for the "owner" to respond, followed by a warning that the ownership will be changed and another 48 hours after that.

Smiley is about the most upstanding guy you could ever ask to do bussiness with... i cant imagine why someone would want to close out the forum but i just wanted to post and confirm with smiley.

Dave G

Forum ownership

I verify that I have been doing business with Smiley for over 18 months solely through this forum.  It is the only format that I use to conduct this business.  While completing projects for me he posts the work progress, allows me to provide feedback, and completes the work strictly through this medium.  It is also how I communicate and share ideas with other people/players for close to a year now.  I agree and concur that Smiley's situation and story are accurate as stated.

I can corroborate Infamoussmiley's account of what has transpired.  The regular working of our club and Smiley's business is seriously disrupted because of this takeover/shutdown by Bfett1326.
myff admin

I feel for you guys, regardless of ownership rights, disabling a forum with an active community is generally a high handed crappy thing to do. It will get sorted as soon as it justifiably can.

I am not having any luck with resolving the matter with bfett1326.  This sucks.  

And now, our web page has been torn down also - and it was most likely done in retaliation to this thread.  

I'm at a loss.  He thinks he's saying "F you, Smiley," but he is really saying "F you everyone."  I'm not sure he understands that.  

myff admin

Well 48 hours notice has now been given.

This is a good example of why you should always do things yourself.  Especially if your business is involved, you should be the one in control - or have a contract written up so that if something like this were to happen you could take legal action.

Well, no luck.  He can't move past his own pride and admit he screwed up.  I'm not mad, but I expected more from a "brother".      

I really do need to get back on the forum.  Has it been 48 hours?  

myff admin

In excess of that. I will pm you a new control panel password.

It seems bfett1326 has wiped our forum.  Did he?  Can it be restored?  It was last up on Sept 15th.

I am able to log in to the control panel, but I can not see where I can restore myself from the being banned.  In the "status" tab, it is not showing the number of members, posts, etc.  



Ok, Forums up and I am in.  Thank you.  I just need to get yeti unbanned.  


thank you guys:)  

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