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Co-Admin Permissions

is there a way to give someone a rank or permissions of a Co-Admin?  Where they can assist with graphics and so forth, but not necessarily worry about the rest of the tasks?

To add graphics etc they would need to have access to the admin panel.

You don't trust this person enough to even ask this question, so you definitely should not be giving them access like this.  A forum can thrive without adding any extra graphics at all.  In fact, quite a few forums that have over 100,000 posts still run on the original template with the original php banner, not making any changes whatsoever.

I would advise reading through howtodoit, or watching the videos, or searching on here for how to do these things, they are really not that hard once you actually decide you want to do it.  In the meantime, your forum will be fine as it is.  Content is king Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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