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myff admin

Clouds, servers, SSD's...

Just reading this link:

Which is yet another sign that the end of the hard disk is nigh.

It is all very interesting at the moment, as we try and scope out what we are doing about server hardware for the next period?

We do rely currently on fast hard drives in RAID arrays, and currently that is still by far the best tech we can buy for the next generation of server.

The current object of desire in the server department runs to 12,500, which is rather a lot of money but would raise the sophistication of how things run significantly, but it is not something to rush into as bang per buck does tend to increase and our servers are still coping pretty well with forum load.

One exercise that will be taking place over the next month or three is a foray into "cloud" computing, exploring the possibility of not owning our own servers at all. Frankly whilst I think we can run nameservers in the cloud at a useful cost saving, I doubt that forums belong on anything other than our own metal. Cloud computing is another form of "leasing" power and when you lease a server you pay for the hardware in a year   You only do that if you are too skint to do otherwise, or need to scope what you need to buy. Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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