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Circle of Light - Afiliate Links

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Would anyone like to exchange links with us?

I won't turn anyone away, as after all all publicity is good publicity! But I would especially like to link with other forums that have a spiritual or paranormal angle to them - it may be only in one section of your forum, but it still gives us something in common. I hope I'm not offending anyone out there by saying that!

All I ask is that you register with our forum at and enter your information in the 'Affiliates' section of the board, giving a brief description of your forum and its contents.

If you would like to make any posts to the forum please do, but only if you have a relevant post to make. Plese don't feel you need to post just for the sake of it. I would much rather have a low post count than meaninless ones to make up the numbers!

Love & Light

xxx Pagan xxx


I normally do not do link exchanges as such, i find a forum i like and just post their link, you have been added to


and when i sort out the links on HOWTODOIT you will be added to them too.

In return i want nothing, no back link no posts , i do not work like that. just keep up the running of a good forum.

Thank You Symon.

I have been holding off posting links, but we need a little influx of newbies - getting to know eachother very well on there now!

Walk in the light.

xxx Pagan xxx Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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